Step By Step Guide To Start A Blog

Many are struggling on how to start their own BLOG
Are you one of them? Here's your GUIDE.

Welcome to this page!

Being impressed to start a blog after reading some books, attending seminars, reading articles online and maybe some friends told you how they are making money through their blogs.

So you want also to start a blog and make money but you don't know how?

However, most interested people think it is too difficult to setup a blog and is somewhat very risky.

Today, it is not true anymore. Experts have made ideas to setup websites and blogs easy that everyone without experience can have one or more.

I've written this simple step by step guide to solve your problem.

Blogging is most likely simple as having your own routine of writing and telling people what you know and aggressively posting online for interested people to read.

Two Principles To Run A Blog Online

What are they?

  1. Choose A Niche or Topic To Blog About.
  2. Build Your Own Website for Blogging.

All blogging platforms are built on these two principles only. These principles are what you need to fully understand to make real money online through blogging. The right question to ask is that "How to start a website for blogging?"

By the way, that's the main purpose of - make a website - guiding people how to make a website or blog.

Principle #1: Choose A Niche or Topic To Blog About

Discover Your Expertise

It is very easy to determine what to blog about if you know your expertise. The following is a list of the few things you may have to blog about.

Maybe you know something about:

In addition, maybe you are a mechanic, electronic, artist, educator, politician, small business owner, and so forth. All of these professions have something to blog about.

A Niche That Most People Are Searching For Solutions
You know that most people will grab the internet to look for something they needed to solve their problems. Blogging platforms are always there online to help them. So most importantly, we blog to help people according to their needs with our expertise.

Principle #2: Build Your Own Website For Blogging

In other words, a blog is simply a website which has new writings in a friendly news format which is usually updated

Below are the steps we are going through to understand starting your own blog.

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5 Steps To Setup A Blog

Actually, a blog is an activity in a website. So follow me now on how to build your blog right away. You can run your blog in just 30 minutes.

Step 1. Choose WordPress as your Content Management System (CMS).
Step 2. Find a Web Hosting for your blog. Bluehost is mostly recommended.
Step 3. Pick Your Website Address (domain name).
Step 4. Install WordPress In You Web Hosting
Step 5. Start Writing Your Content To Publish Online.

What we will cover in this guide are the 5 steps that I will walk you through. Don't worry they are specific and you can have a blog after a few minutes of installations.

Step #1: Choose WordPress as your Content Management System (CMS)

Content management system(CMS) is a service to handle your website files like your content, images, PDF and videos files. It also serves your blog or website's design and theme.

Content Management System

2 kinds of Content Management System
  1. Paid Web Hosting With Domain Name - You Owned.
  2. Free Web Hosting And Domain Name - Free Services.

I started to blog in free services. For the cause of education, free services are controlled by the management, there is a limit that you cannot make any choice. In some cases you will quietly get severe problem of being suspended or terminated.

Unfortunately, my blog was blocked and terminated, because I put my affiliate links that violate to their privacy. It did happen and I have lost everything.

So, I learned a lot through that experience. Free services are not good if you wanted to make money from your blog.

Why WordPress?

WordPress CMS is 100% free to use. This is used by majority either static, blogging, forum and other websites worldwide.

2 kinds of wordpress: The and Please don't be confused, here we are talking about the wordpress system that will be your own CMS from While if you use that includes a free hosting with limitations.

Step #2: Find a Web Hosting for your blog

Web host is a place online that keeps your website up and running where your wordpress (CMS) also resides.

Most likely the majority of bloggers running online worldwide, are using and recommend web hosting and is the number one partner of wordpress system which also impressibly recommends.

Start To Setup BlueHost

To setup your bluehost account follow this link Get Started Now.

A window will open and follow the instructions after you click the green "get started now button, then go back here for references.

Bluehost Homepage

Bluehost is trusted by wordpress and millions of clients in the whole world, because of their good services they have offered and currently they offer a free domain name registration.

Choose A Plan

There are 3 plans offered by bluehost for your choice. Choose which you want, all of the 3 include a free domain (you don't have to pay for a domain) by hitting the select green button. To get discounted, they offered advance payment for 2 or 3 years.

Bluehost Plans

Step #3: Pick Your Website Address (domain name).

In this step number 3, if you start a blog you should know that you need a host domain to have your own website address. Like for example - look at my website address - which I own myself.

The cost of a domain is $12 a year, if you choose bluehost as your web hosting it's free, and you can only pick a domain inside bluehost application form.

How To write posts in wordpress

Most importantly a domain name could be the name of your business or niche, that is different from others' name, bluehost will give you suggestions in case you pick one which is not available. You may also use your name if in case you like.

TIPS: Go with a common extension . dot com whenever possible. Make it short and easy to spell. Don't include hyphens, numbers, obscure terms or confusing strings of words.

Fill Up For Your Account Info

They need your account information so that they can send you welcome email and your login info.

This is most importantly needed for your future login references. You must keep it in your email or the best thing to do is to have a hard copy of it for safety.

Account information

Select An Account Plan

You can choose a package accordingly. That depends of your choice which is the best that you can afford.

Select one account plan that is best for you anyway.

Bluehost Package

Bluehost bills one, two or three years advance payment at a time, you can get big discount if you chooce 3 years.

Your Billing Info

You have to fill in the billing information and confirm that you have read their policy statement (check the box "I confirm...") and when completed click Submit.

billing info

Step #4: Install WordPress in

After you've completed your bluehost account you are now ready to install wordpress in your cpanel - Cpanel is a system used by bluehost to keep your blog files in CMS.

The following link is the details on how to login to your bluehost cpanel to install wordpress How To Install WordPress.

Bluehost Wordpress Install

Click install wordpress for free. Follow the next instructions until you completed the wordpress installation.

bluehost wordpress install

You are now getting ready to run your blogging website, follow the instruction on that page before we go to the next page start posting your content.

For more details go to my other page How To Setup A Blog With WordPress

Step #5: Start Writing Your Content To Publish Online

Lastly, in this step you are going to see your homepage and first content live.

However, this is not the last thing you must do. You have to continually write or promote your blog by posting more content and any other links you wanted to go online.

When you know how to do that, it is most likely the hard part in blogging, because you have to gather some important thoughts regarding your niche. Say it whenever possible to make more content.

Follow me at my other page for the details How To Write Post in Wordpress

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