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Below are the recommended WEB HOSTS by most bloggers & WordPress Platforms.

If you want to make a blog or website with WordPress System, you must first consider a good, trusted and reliable web hosting. You need to find the best hosting companies that provide a full support and having a great performance being proven and tested.

Number 1 Website and Blog Platform Recommends BlueHost

WordPress recommends bluehost web hosting.

WordPress and Bluehost are partners since they have been online. They are both taken seriously by companies from small to great websites and blogs.

BlueHost A Company of Trust

WordPress & BlueHost Homepage

The basis for the recommendation:

Some Web Hosts That Have Been Recommended

Let's find out what other bloggers and website owners recommend. Of course there are hundreds of servers and web hosts on the net. However these are only a few of them I prefer for you to start your own blog or website.

#: A Blogging Entrepreneur Recommends NameCheap

Yaro Starak a blogger Recommends NameCheap. Yaro is a well-known Entrepreneurs blogger in his blog who helped and tutored thousands of followers. He only recommends two web hosts "bluehost" and "namecheap".

Namecheap With One Pager System

This also is most likely good for the beginners.

Name Cheap Hosting

NameCheap is another unique web hosting. It is very easy to create a professional blog with "One Pager" in just a few minutes. You can just simply select a theme, layout and features you want, and One Pager system does the rest.

They also have a one-click-installation of wordpress if you choose to run your blog - recommended.

#: Katy Widrick is a television producer by day, and trains for triathlons at night Recommends Hostgator

"HostGator" is also used and recommended by other well-known-bloggers and websites owners, one is Katy Widrick.

HostGator Web Hosting

She said;
"I host my sites with HostGator, which now has a new feature called "Optimized WordPress." Among other things, it automatically updates your plugins, themes and even the main WordPress platform, looks for and removes malware, acts as a CDN, or content delivery network, and is an extension to existing products, so it could be a great support to what you're already doing!"

Hostgator Hosting

I heard about "HostGator" after this blog you are reading had been registered in other web hosting. In the future I plan to get an account from this hosting and from the others I recommend here (not to transfer my other blogs but an additional one). All of these are good, they have specific performances suited to all clients.

#: InMotion web hosting is also recommended by John Chow

John Chow is living a dot come lifestyle. He is making millions from his blog He visited the "inmotion" company headquarters just to get a vocation and being impressed to promote the company.

Inmotion Web Hosting

Inmotion Hosting

Thousands following John Chow in his blog and he promotes "inmotion" web hosting to those who also want to start their own blog.

#: I Also Recommend M2Host Web hosting

M2host is one that hosts one of my blogs. At first I was hesitant due to a very cheap payment they ask. What is $1 a month for hosting your site and $1 a month for a domain name?

This is a nice starting point for the new bloggers, they have the options to choose from, you can upgrade later on if you needed additional domains in one account.

M2Host Cheapest Web Hosting

Mshost Web Hosting

"M2host" web hosting is hosting my blog with WordPress for almost three years already without any problems, except my experienced for not being able to renew ahead of time.

In other words, I was overdue.

It was three days my site went offline due to the process of renewal. Usually this also is happening in other web hosting when you are overdue.

They have an energetic help desk and support actively and respectfully doing their part 24/7 since 2005. So far, I don't regret using this web hosting for my blog.

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