Make A Website And Make Money Blogging

Have you ever wonder to make a website and make money blogging?
So, what do you need to make money blogging is what you will find out here.

make a website and make money blogging I built static websites since 2003 in the free web hosting services, like,,, and so forth. Honestly, I don't mind to make a website and"make money blogging" at that time. Most of those were just a hobby.

Half of those were not blogging types that I know today.

These free web hosting most likely are good, but just only for personal use, but not to the extension for professional blogging.

The problems of these platforms are uncontrollable.

One blog that I have started was shut down due to my errors of not following one of the terms and conditions, that is about placing some links against to their policy. In the other hand, they are going to place anywhere on your pages their advertisements without your control.

What's The Purpose Of Your Blog

You are now reading this article because you want to make a website and make money blogging. That's the main thing. Here you are going to see what are the basic needs to start with.

You see, I am going to the point of guiding you how to start a blog and make money from it. Yes, it's true.

Before that, take a look at my blog that brought this article you are reading is only two years old and four months in this write up. However, I am now starting making money from it.

I admit my mistakes in blogging. I was once not maintaining my blog for more than a year after I renewed my one-year domain registration and web hosting, due to my routine.

Nevertheless, I'm back and going to implement what I've learned from my experiences and other successful bloggers.

Okay, what will you need to start a blog?

Three basic needs:

  • Get A Self Hosted Website Platform.
  • Start Writing Great Content.
  • Monetize Your Blog.

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What Do I Need To Make A Website and Make Money Blogging?

The following items are very important for your dream to make money blogging. Read carefully and follow step by step to first make a website.

Need #1: Get A Self Hosted Website Platform

It is what you need in the first hand. A self-hosted website platform - "WordPress" and "Bluehost" - are recommended.

Wordpress is free. However, bluehost is paid web hosting with a minimum monthly payment. Don't worry about a domain registration, if you register in bluehost they are giving you a free domain registration to start with.

In this platform, you can start a professional blog with your choice of designs and templates.

Come on start now and check their offers Bluehost Web Hosting.

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2. How To Install WordPress In Bluehost

Nowadays, it's not difficult to make a website and make money blogging. All things you needed to start a blog are provided for free as long as you are in the right, and reliable paid the web hosting like bluehost.

Of course, you pay for the server that hosts your blog, what I meant free is the services we offer, like the technical supports - in which you cannot find in free web hostings - professional themes, plugins, and guidelines etc.

I started making websites without knowing how in 2003. Since then, there was no Wordpress like we have today. I've learned through personal research, and that was very difficult using HTML codes, but anyhow I was able to make websites in the free services. That's it.

Today, it's very easy to make a website for your blog using the best website platform "WordPress" and other services. No need technical knowledge to do that. If you know how to click your mouse, write and posts or publish your content that's it. Your blog is alive and running. Through this system, you will make money blogging.

This site you are in is my professional website since 2014, this is great, and it needs only a little knowledge to start with.

Need #2: Start Writing High Quality Content

The primary need of a website or blog is content. What's the use of a website without content? A blog without content is useless; you cannot make money blogging without great content in your blog.

You have to learn how to write great content on your blog according to what your subject or purpose why you make a website.

What Are You Blogging About?

Before I forget, please do not also forget what you are blogging about. You should focus on what you are going to write and promote to make money blogging.

What you are blogging about, they called it a "NICHE," "Topic" or "Subject" you will be broadcasting on your website.

You make a website because you are going to blog about your expertise. Like for example, your niche is cooking - in this NICHE you must write the recipes you know about - the secrets on how to make delicious foods, snacks, and another menu. In this "NICHE," there are plenty of things to write about.

Write great content what you know about with your expertise. Post or publish it on your website that is what blogging is all about.

In this area I made a mistake in the past, I've been writing about different topics that cover with various things from blogging, make money, healthy living, diet, weight loss, stress, skin scare, and other things.

I didn't focus on one thing. It is the reason why my blog is not getting higher rank in the search engines plus I didn't maintain it for more than a year.

Now I am back anyway and have learned from that mistake. Today I am focusing on teaching how to "make a website" or blog.

Before registering for an account in BlueHost, think first what your expertise in life all about. You can use that in choosing a domain name - your website address - that appears in the Internet browser. Just like or else what another name you want to.

Need #3: Monetize Your Blog

To Monetize means using your blog to make money. There are several ways to make it.

Two Basic principles how people visit your blog and become your customers:

  • From the organic traffic or search engines.
  • From social media and other websites, you shared your blog.
The Organic Traffic

Once your blogging site is alive, it has a capability to be searched on Google and other search engines online. It is especially when you have great content that meets the people's need. Hence, the search engines love this kind of content. Surely it will be indexed in their system after their crawling engine has crawled it.

Some people need solutions to their problems about for example cooking, and they had to search online using Google and ultimately have found your website. They read your content, they have found the solution and being impressed by your blog. The next thing they are going to do is to bookmark your website and check it later for new and fresh content. Well enough you have followers.

The Social Media

Your online Social Media like facebook, twitter, and others are potentially the source of more customers. It is very important in getting more visitors to your blog.

Join as many as possible in Facebook groups with the same interest, accept friend requests and you also ought to invite more friends. Share your blog, give them the link of your high quality and killing content.

If then, you have offered a sign in email plugin on every page of your blog, of course in every page if you are using the WordPress platform. In this way, they joyfully give their email address to receive updates, new content, and emails from you.

How to turn your visitors to become customers?

While your blogging website is taking longer on the internet, at the same time you are getting more followers to read what you write about.

Some of those followers are joyfully willing to be in touch with you and trust you that you have a solution to their problems. Some of them will write a comment at the end of your post, just take the time to answer if they have questions or appreciate them for leaving a comment.

When you already have regular visitors to your blog, some of them will be most likely willing to buy something you offer, especially when they see that they need what you offer.

If you put a link on your website that is attractive for your visitors, they would click and buy of what it is.

After You Make A Website There Is A Potential For You To Make Money Blogging By The Links You Need To Place on Your Site

You may wonder what link you should have to put on your website. There are plenty of resources you can get links that you can make money blogging from your visitors.

Links to put on your website:
  • Affiliate Link
  • A link to Your Products
  • Advertisement Link
Affiliate Links

The affiliate links where you can make money blogging by the commissions, you will compensate from where you affiliated with.

These links given to you from the products you are promoting in your website. You may want to affiliate on the biggest online store like, and many others.

Choose a product that is consistent of your niche. For example cooking. There are books on the online store about food. You can get that link from Amazon website and encode that link on your website.

That is only an example. There are several websites that you should affiliate with and promote their products on your website for a commission.

Links to your products

If you can produce your product, I appreciate that. What product, for example, you can make? Of course a book or ebook. Here are the complete details as a guide for sale to your visitors. Again as an example cooking. Gather all you know about food; maybe you already have written a post in your blog. Compile them and make a book.

That's it.

Advertisement Link

If you do have thousands of daily visitors, you can put spaces for advertisements on every page in your blog. Some of your visitors also have online businesses who wanted to promote their products on other well-known websites or blog like yours.

If you offer spaces for them, they most likely want to advertise on your website with a minimum payment that you imposed. It is another way of making money blogging.

So you get it!

Start now to make a website and make money blogging. Take an account at bluehost to start.

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